Elise G. Liebowitz, ESQ.
New York, NY 10019
phone: 212-307-0440


Our firm provides a general law practice, with emphasis on real estate, commercial leasing, contracts, wills, estate and probate matters, and is also general counsel to businesses, corporations, not for profits, boards of co-op housing corporations and condominiums, and represents these entities in real estate, corporate, contract, administrative law and other matters.

Our client base includes companies of all sizes, large and small, business owners, professionals, interior designers, advertising agencies, manufacturers, retail store owners, landlords, tenants, not-for-profit entities, boards of co-op housing corporations and condominiums, and of course, individuals.

We provide excellent representation for our clients, with thoughtfulness and a full and comprehensive understanding of their needs and desires. As dedicated professionals, we take the time to determine each of our client's real needs and goals, by carefully listening to our clients and personally giving each client the time and attention necessary to accomplish their goals.

We are trusted advisors to our clients and provide them with valued, high end, top quality service.