Elise G. Liebowitz, ESQ.
New York, NY 10019
phone: 212-307-0440

Condos and Co-ops

Our firm is general counsel to, and represents, the board of directors of cooperative housing corporations ("co-ops") and the board of managers of condominiums in Manhattan and other parts of New York City.  Such representations include refinancing the building's underlying mortgage, preparing and negotiating capital improvement contracts, renovation agreements, property management contracts, and other agreements and service contracts with engineers, architects, general contractors, construction managers and property managers, including AIA contracts.  We have restructured troubled loans and appeared before municipal agencies.  We also prepare and submit applications and filings with the NYS Attorney General's Real Estate Financing Bureau, including "No Action Letters" and appear before administrative agencies, such as the NYC Environmental Control Board.  We provide expert guidance and recommendations to boards regarding disputes and issues with shareholders, unit owners and/or third parties and issues regarding corporate governance.  We work together with the co-op or condominium's accountants, managing agents and property managers to assure smooth operations of the building and its legal entity.