Elise G. Liebowitz, ESQ.
New York, NY 10019
phone: 212-307-0440

General Law Practice

Many privately owned businesses, individuals and professionals need a range of services to be provided by an attorney who is familiar with and understands the overall dynamics of their client's lives including aspects of the client's personal and work/business life.  By understanding all of the client's needs, our firm can recommend the best strategies for such individual or entity to achieve their goals.  As general practice attorneys, our firm can provide professional services and serve our client's and their family members' needs, in various areas of practice.  For instance, this firm may:

Having one firm, which the client knows and trusts, frees the client to deal with their personal and business matters in a less stressful manner.  Our clients know that they always have an attorney whom they can seek professional advice from, who will protect their interests, and work to achieve their goals in a first class and professional manner.